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Sacha Crouch

Clinical Psychologist & Life Coach

I love working with people who are ready to expand their lives!

I provide the safe and playful space to help you clear unhelpful patterns, clarify what you want, and act with commitment, purpose and integrity.

My favourite evidence-based tools come from CBT, ACT, Schema Therapy, EMDR and Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS). 

(Medicare rebates may apply with a mental health care plan.

Health care refunds may also be available). 

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Individual Therapy &
Life Coaching

Sacha helps her clients to find more fun, joy, connection and overall wellbeing in their lives. Clients come to see Sacha when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and at times depressed. Sacha helps them to reduce worry and rumination, develop greater emotional resilience, gain confidence and assertiveness, become more present in their lives and align their life with their values and priorities. Sacha utilises positive psychology and life coaching practices including evidence-based therapies such as CBT, ACT, Schema Therapy, Internal family systems therapy and EMDR. Sacha is based in Freshwater, NSW and also works with clients throughout Australia via Telehealth. 

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Choosing the right psychologist or life coach is perhaps the most important first step when you are ready to make change in your life. Research shows that a good client-therapist fit improves the outcomes of therapy. Therapists are people after all, so each brings a unique style to therapy.

Sacha works with clients who have already gained enough self-awareness to understand some of the patterns in their life. They have already begun to embark on their own healing journey and desire to have a trained therapist to hold space for them and challenge them out of their status quo to heal their blocks and blind spots. Book a free 15-minute phone consultation to assess that fit by completing the enquiry form below. 

Sacha Crouch

Sacha holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology & Cert IV in Life Coaching. Prior to individual therapy, Sacha provided work life balance coaching and training to business owners and busy professionals for over 13 years. She authored the book "Destress Your Success: How to get more out of life with less time, stress & effort", presented to teams and at conferences, and wrote a regular weekly life coaching column for Yahoo!7 Life Style. In the past eight years Sacha has focused on individual clinical therapy and life coaching, and offers a unique group coaching program "The Joy Explosion". Sacha is committed to practicing all that she teaches: meditating and exercising daily, practicing healthy self-care, and filling her life with people and experiences that make her truly happy and inspired. Sacha runs her practice three days a week while focusing on her most important priority - raising her two beautiful daughters.

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First Step: Enquire about suitability

Please complete your details below or contact us to organise a time discuss your needs with Sacha. We will organise a free 15 minute phone call to assess suitability for our services.


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Contact Us

Ph: 61 2 9400 9586  E:
Freshwater Wellness Centre 3B/1 Rowe Street Freshwater
Clinic Hours: Wednesday to Friday 8am to 5pm (Sydney Australia)
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