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A note to start,

You are a unique human being, with a wealth of experiences that have led to both wisdom and limitations. My role is to help you tap into your wisdom and release your limitations. 


My therapy style is unique. Please read through this page to see if we are likely to have a good fit together. This is also an important first step to getting to really know yourself and your needs.

Clients come to me because they feel exhausted, burnt out, overwhelmed, disconnected, not cared for, irritable, anxious, resentful, and wanting more joy, happiness and connection in their lives. We work together to help them identify what they want and need, gain skills to express themselves and set boundaries, develop reciprocal fulfilling relationships, practice healthy self-care, become a patient compassionate parent, feel energised, fulilffed and have a renewed appreciation for their intimate partner and a deep appreciation for life.


Does this sound like you?


Before you read on, consider what brought you to this site today:


What would you like to be different in your life?

What have you done so far to make the changes required of you in order for your life to be different?

Our sessions together will not be about what other people are doing to you or what those around you need to change. They will only focus on the things you are doing or not doing. The sessions require you to be eager and willing to do this work with honesty and sincerity. Fear is fine. Readiness is a necessity. 


My Therapy & Life Coaching Approach

My passion is to help you discover what is possible in this lifetime. Not in terms of what you can get or achieve in life rather in terms of what you can feel and experience in this lifetime.


Endless joy, connection, awe, peace, and deep love. 

Greater Presence

Your experience of each moment is a projection from the outside world, filtered through your senses. It is dependent upon where you concentrate your awareness. There are millions of options in any moment of where to place your conscious awareness. Right now, you can alter your experience of this moment by looking in the physical direction immediately in front of you or the physical direction behind you or you could pick up your mobile phone and focus your attention on your newsfeed. Each will lead to a different experience. I help you gain greater awareness of where your attention is being distracted toward and help you choose to be here now instead of distracted away from life. 

Healing Unhelpful Patterns and Reactions to Enable a New Response

The reason you're here, reading this now, is because you've noticed that you have unhelpful patterns that keep repeating themselves in your life. You might intellectually know what you "should" do but making those changes a reality is another thing altogether. This is often due to underlying schema that trigger uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that lead you to react in certain ways that sabotage what you want in life. These "negative" feelings and thoughts rule your behaviour despite your greatest efforts to change. These patterns arise from your personal history of experiences thus far. These patterns served you as a child in your family and social environment. They are not who you are, nor who you are destined to be. Rather than are strong familiar (but no longer helpful) pathways that can be transcended.


The role of therapy is to support you to gain awareness of this process so that you can actively choose a new way of responding to these subconscious and conscious reactions. Intellectual understanding is not enough to create change. My role is to help you to integrate this "knowing" into a new way of being-until you have changed within the cells of your body. 

The main methodology I use to help you achieve this include the following Evidence-Based Treatments: 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

CBT and ACT are two of the standard evidence-based treatments utilised by clinical psychologists. Each therapy has helpful tools shown to be most effective for specific presentations. These tools transcend mental health difficulties and are essential tools for anyone wanting to create greater joy, connection and wellbeing in their lives.  

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is a powerful form of psychotherapy that helps identify and change the specific negative patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that have been holding you back in life. Schema therapy is action-oriented-helping you to actively restructure your thinking patterns and behaviors in the present moment. This may involve techniques such as cognitive restructuring, emotion regulation, and experiential exercises designed to challenge and transform deeply ingrained patterns of thought and behavior. Young has identified 18 core schemas, which are deeply ingrained patterns of thought and behavior that develop in childhood and continue into adulthood. Schema therapy aims to help clients explore the origins of their schemas and how they are impacting their current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Here is a short video explaining schema therapy:










Common healing pathways include:

  • Developing self-compassion and acceptance

  • Identifying and challenging negative self-talk

  • Cultivating healthy relationships and boundaries

  • Learning new coping strategies and problem-solving skills

  • Addressing unmet emotional needs

  • Processing and releasing past traumas

  • Reconnecting with a sense of autonomy and self-efficacy


The clients I work with tend to present with a specific group of 6 of Young's 18 core schema. 


Read more about the specific schema that Sacha works with here...


Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal family systems therapy was developed by Richard Schwartz. It is a wonderful therapy that helps you to connect more fully with your thoughts and emotions, and to make peace with them. This video can help explain the methodology:


To find out more about how coaching or therapy might work for you, organise a free phone consultation with Sacha. The 15-minute phone consultation is an opportunity for us to connect to discuss your specific needs. By the end of that 15minutes we will both know if there is a good fit. If you've read the above information and feel aligned with my approach, please complete the enquiry form below to organise a time to talk.


First Step: Enquire about suitability

Please complete your details below or contact us to organise a time discuss your needs with Sacha. We will organise a free 15 minute phone call to assess suitability for our services.

Thank you for your enquiry

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