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There are infinite resources to help guide you along the journey to expanding your sense of joy, connection and wellbeing.  Audiobooks, books, worksheets and podcasts are a great way to integrate new learnings into your daily life. New neural pathways require daily reinforcement so try to find a regular way to integrate a new concept daily. Even ten minutes a day can shape your day and your brain anew. *

Strengthen Your Centre of Awareness

Embodying change requires strengthening your moment-to-moment awareness of your emotions, thoughts, sensations and urges. The first step in this process is to start a practice of checking in with your body. This video is a 10-minute demonstration of one such process that I use with my clients. Challenge yourself to practice this process daily.

Take a Three Minute Pause

Clients often ask me what they can do throughout the day to take a moment to stop, calm their nervous system, and re-centre so that they can respond rather than react. This video was made for that purpose. 


The Untethered Soul & Living Untethered
By Michael Singer

"Living Untethered" by Michael Singer is a self-help and spiritual guide that encourages readers to break free from the constraints of their own thoughts, emotions, and attachments, in order to lead a more authentic, fulfilling, and spiritually connected life. The book delves into the concept of the untethered soul, which is the idea that we can liberate ourselves from our limiting beliefs, fears, and judgments, to experience greater inner peace and personal growth.

Singer explores various aspects of personal development and spiritual growth, utilizing practical exercises and insightful teachings to help readers cultivate a deeper understanding of their inner selves. Through the process of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and surrender to the present moment, "Living Untethered" guides individuals on a journey towards greater freedom, happiness, and spiritual connection.

The Mind-Body Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity & Success
By Dr Mario Martinez

Drawing on research in psychoneuroimmunology, cultural anthropology, and cognitive psychology, Dr. Martinez presents practical tools and strategies to help readers identify and transform limiting beliefs and negative emotional patterns that may be undermining their health and happiness. The Mind-Body Code explores the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and their impact on our physical health, well-being, and overall success in life. He presents the science and the meditations to create change at a cellular level. 

Reinventing Your Life
By Young & Klosko

This is a self-help version of Schema Therapy. It helps readers identify and overcome self-defeating behaviors, called "lifetraps." The book offers practical strategies and techniques to change negative thought patterns and create healthier, more fulfilling lives. Through self-assessment questionnaires, case studies, and guided exercises, the authors guide readers in addressing issues like abandonment, dependence, mistrust, and vulnerability, ultimately enabling them to break free from their lifetraps and experience personal growth.

The Happiness Project
By Gretchin Rubin

"The Happiness Project" is a memoir and self-help book that chronicles the author's year-long journey to explore the nature of happiness and discover how to create a more fulfilling, joy-filled life. Rubin's approach is based on research in positive psychology, as well as insights from historical and philosophical sources. The book is organized month-by-month, with each chapter focusing on a specific theme and set of resolutions designed to increase happiness.

Discovering the Inner Mother
By Bethany Webster

This self-help book that focuses on the concept of the "inner mother" and its importance in women's emotional well-being and personal growth. The inner mother is the compassionate, nurturing, and supportive voice inside every woman. The book offers guidance and practical tools for women to heal their relationship with their own mothers, nurture their inner child, and ultimately become their own source of love, support, and guidance.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
By Faber & Mazlish

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and another of their books "Sibling Rivalry" are two must-have parenting books. Each book offers a practical parenting guide packed with effective practical communication strategies to help parents foster a positive relationship with their children, resolve conflicts, and encourage cooperation. Drawing on their own experiences and research in child development, Faber and Mazlish provide techniques to help parents communicate with their children in a respectful, empathetic, and constructive manner.

Online resources

Centre for Clinical Interventions
Self Help resources

Centre for clinical interventions is a clinical resource that provides free resources for a variety of presenting issues. Practical information sheets are provided about mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety or more general areas of focus like assertiveness or compassion. The same website also has resources to support you if you are caring for someone with a mental health issue. 

Beyond Blue is a fabulous resource for anyone struggling with depression or supporting someone they love who has depression. The site has a video that explains what depression is and can help you identify if you are depressed or have a clinical level of depression. 

Insight Timer
Free Meditation app

There are many free apps for learning and practicing meditation. Insight timer offers a wide range of styles and teachers. The key is to spend some invaluable time to find a voice and style that you enjoy and find soothing. For those who have never meditated before you might like to try a body scan meditation as this is a gentle supportive way to relax, calm the mind and also connect with your body and emotions. 

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*The above resources were developed with assistance from ChatGTP.

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