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The Joy Explosion Coaching Program

Free yourself to experience the endless joy, love, and richness we all deserve! The problem is... there is no problem. But you love growth and expansion, releasing your limitations and inviting more goodness, challenge and adventure into your life. Guilty as charged.

Me too. Thats why I've developed this specific coaching program -

for happy people to enjoy even more expansion, growth and bliss.

Just. For. Fun. 

No apologies for being so half glass full, waking up with a "hell yeh" and loving the person that you are. 

This program is a space to challenge and support you with kindness, compassion and accountability to continue to release any limitations that you place on allowing overflowing joy. 

I want you to feel so full of happiness that it spills over to everyone you meet. Not because you want to be a good person and leave a legacy of kindness, rather because you can't help it.

It's just who you are. 

Happy Girl

Don't kid yourself for a moment that this is an easy thing to achieve. We all put limitations on the amount of joy, love, connection and vitality we are able to receive. There are many ways this shows up in our lives:


  • Feeling guilty that we are so happy, relaxed, wealthy, loved, (place any verb here) when others are not.

  • Feeling responsible for others happiness so rescuing, taking care of them and focusing on what they need as more important than what we need.

  • Being unable to tolerate the feeling that we have disappointed others so saying yes when we want to say no. 

  • Telling ourselves that it is selfish to want x, y or z. 

  • Suppressing our thoughts, feelings and opinions so as to not hurt other people's feelings or appear ungrateful. 

  • Practicing compassion for others but not for ourselves. 

  • Being unable to enjoy pleasure, delight, beauty and simple things that serve no purpose other than to feed our joy. 

  • Engaging in rumination about what has passed.

  • Engaging in worry about what will happen. 

  • Holding ourselves back from initiating connections, taking risks, or pursuing a passion.


The aim of The Joy Explosion Coaching Program is to help you tune in to the limitations that arise when you attempt to live at a high level of joy. These are subtle messages in the body. This program holds you in a space to continue to notice these messages daily as you move toward greater joy. Together we will release these patterns so that you can expand and grow into a new way of being. This program is not about learning what the problem is and how to change it.

It is a process of embodying change in the cells of the body to feel expanding levels of love, vitality, connection and joy.

This program is for you if you have already done a lot of work on yourself. You must already have practiced some form of meditation, mindfulness, breathwork or body work that has connected you to your body. You must be willing to take responsibility to engage fully with the process on a daily basis. 

What is the Invitation?

The Joy Explosion Coaching Program involves:

10 weekly one-hour individual online sessions. 

Each session will be themed around a specific topic of inquiry.

Cost for the full program is $2500 (including GST)

To find out suitability to the program book a 15-minute inquiry session with Sacha specifically related to the program. An email will be sent to you with further details about the program content and a selection of available timeslots for the phone call. 

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